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Neodymium - Periodic Table of Videos

Neodymium is element number 60.
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Clint Fisher : Hello Periodic Videos! Thanks for all the amazing videos and knowledge over the years!
A lot has happened in the last 12 years with Neodymium's place in civilization. I would love to see an updated video for this fantastic element. I'm sure you could find all sorts of collaborators across youtube.
Thanks again, and I hope the whole Periodic Videos and University of Nottingham crew is doing well and staying safe!
Evan B : Neodymium magnets are awesome
Kayboom99 : Neodymium is very magnetic
Ishwar Karthik : and can make magnets.........
Storyspren : I can imagine someone having a lecture, holding a neodymium laser pointer and waving his hands like that. Suddenly someone in the audience screams "ow my eyes!"


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Neodymium · Raubtier


℗ Faravid Recordings

Released on: 2019-09-20

Producer: Jonas Kjellgren
Producer: Pär Hulkoff
Artist: Raubtier
Music Publisher: Copyright Control
Mastering Engineer, Mixer, Sound Engineer, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards: Jonas Kjellgren
Drums: Mattias Lind
Composer, Lyricist, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboards: Pär Hulkoff

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D A : Jag känner sorg över att jag inte får lyssna på er i Norje i år. Ni tänker väl fara dit nästa år?
ZuAmrFuerSalz : you guys are heavily underrated
nallebajs : Blir alltid förundrad över hur Hulkoff lyckas förutspå framtiden med sin musik & lyrik. Alla miljömuppar som hatar Kina kommer bli lagom snopna när el-bilen exploderar i pris över ökat Neodymium behov vid eventuella sanktioner mot Kinas utsläpp.
Luke K : Underrated. Love this
OptimalOwl : Tycker det saknas beskrivning i låten. Vad exakt är det som går fel? Hur kom blod att bli drivmedlet?

Biten om skendemokrati och annektering förde först tankarna till någon slags överstatlig makt, t.ex. EU. Men när man tar den biten tillsammans med den om gruvorna i öst så låter det mer som om Ryssland eller Kina utnyttjar ett monopol till att kräva eftergifter. Fast sen kommer biten som börjar "tillgång kontra efterfrågan," och då låter det ju snarare som någon slags marknadskollaps än som avsiktlig maktutövning.

Neodymium Is In Demand And China Controls Its Supply

Powerful magnets are necessary for an iPhone to vibrate or a Tesla Model 3's motor to spin. If you combine neodymium with iron and boron, you can make a neodymium-iron-boron magnet, which is the most powerful type of permanent magnet ever created. And demand for these magnets is on the rise. But 80 percent of the world's neodymium comes from China.

You may not have heard of neodymium, but you're probably carrying some of it around with you right now. It's in your cellphone, your headphones and you might be driving several pounds of it around in your car.

Neodymium — pronounced "nee-oh-DIM-ee-um" — is one of 17 chemically similar elements called rare earth elements, and demand for this metal is on the rise.

"Neodymium is responsible for most, if not all, of the growth in rare earth demand at the moment," said Roderick Eggert, deputy director of the Critical Materials Institute at Colorado School of Mines.

For an iPhone to vibrate, for AirPods to play music, for wind turbines to generate power and for a Toyota Prius or Tesla Model 3's motor to spin, they need powerful magnets. If you combine neodymium with iron and boron, you can make a neodymium-iron-boron magnet, which is the most powerful type of permanent magnet ever created.

In the case of your cellphone and earbuds, using neodymium magnets means they can be physically tiny but still strong. For motors, using permanent magnets means powerful, efficient motors with fewer electromagnetic components.
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Neodymium Magnets Are In Demand And China Controls The World's Supply | CNBC
船越英一郎のシール : The US should Boycott China, Neodymium? Let them in!
Tanil Khanna khanna : I
Suleyman Eliyev : 2021 2022 году ювилирных ветрине пояавитьса новые драгатценые камен метал
Martin Ford : Only because are Governments have been negligent.
Do not let China buy mines in other countries.
Place tariffs on goods with REE and subsidise mines not in China so they can sell at the same price, problem solved, Japan had do do this already.
haris000000 : China does not care if they destroy the enviroment by mining, hence they spend less on protection. We care and thus would rather they pollute their land than us having to pollute ours.




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